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How YouTubers earn in 2023

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

YouTube has become one of the most captivating platforms, witnessing a steady rise in user engagement over the years. It appeals to a broad demographic, from youngsters as young as five to senior citizens, establishing itself as a universal source of entertainment.

Launched in 2005, YouTube's popularity has only grown since its inception. According to HubSpot, the average individual now dedicates 1.5 hours daily to watching videos, with 15 percent of users extending their viewing time to more than three hours a day. Consequently, monetizing content on YouTube is rapidly gaining traction.

For many, a common question arises: How do YouTubers, who invest time and effort in creating videos, actually make money from their content?

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so in this blog we will be discussing about how youtubers earn by clearing up this questions-

1.Does youtube pay youtubers?If not then who pays them.

2.what is absence much do they earn

4.what is YouTube affiliate marketing


1.Does youtube pay youtubers?If not then who pays them.

Many of you might be here for this question.Many of you might be thinking that youbers may be

paid by youtube but actually youtube does not pay to youtubers instead adsense which is another

application of google pays them.

2.what is adsense.

Now what is google adsense -it is an google application from where youtubers can apply ads on there videos and get paid for applying ads.It.not only provides ads for videos it also provides ads for websites. much do they earn-

Earning of youtubers depend on ads and their are many factors which affect the earning of youtubers from ads such as CPCs,views,what content do they provide,country of viewers and many more factors

4.YouTube affiliate marketing

YouTube affiliate marketing is an arrangement in which a which an online retailer pays commission to youTubers for advertising their product on their channel.product can be mobile phones,apps or any other product.Many of the the tech review youtube earn using affiliate marketing by making unboxing and review videos


many gamers earn mostly by crowdfunding and it has became income source for gamers who make live gaming videos on youtube.

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