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how to type rupee symbol(₹) in keyboard

Updated: Jan 19

The placement of the rupee symbol on a keyboard can vary depending on the region and keyboard layout. However, Here are some of the different ways to put a rupee symbol on a keyboard. The Indian Rupee symbol, ₹, is a distinctive and culturally significant currency symbol that represents the official currency of the Republic of India.

Rupee Symbol on keyboard

Rupee Symbol in Windows:

Indian Rupee Symbol on Windows Keyboard:

- Press `Alt` + `4` (on the numeric keypad).

- Alternatively, you can use the alt+ctrl+4.

Rupee Symbol in Mac:

Indian Rupee Symbol on Mac Keyboard:

- Press `Option` + `4`.

Rupee Symbol in English Keyboards:

1. Using the Unicode Character:

- You can use the Unicode character for the Indian Rupee symbol regardless of your operating system.

- Press `Alt` + `20B9` (using the numeric keypad).

Please note that if your keyboard layout differs or the provided methods are ineffective, it is advisable to consult your system settings or refer to your keyboard documentation for specific instructions. The capability to directly type the rupee symbol can also be influenced by the font and software you are utilizing. If the designated input methods prove unavailable, an alternative approach is to copy and paste the rupee symbol from a compatible source that supports it.

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