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Factors to keep in mind before buying a Laptop in 2024

Updated: Jan 6

Factors to keep in mind before buying a Laptop-

1. Screen

2. Processor

3. RAM

4. Battery

5. Weight

6. Graphics card

7. Operating System

8. Connectivity Ports

list of Important components of laptop
Important components of laptop


When it comes to the screen it should be around 15-inch and it should be Full HD resolution(1920X1080p) which is the best fit for this budget.

Processor -

It is the chip that runs a computer. The processor is the heart of any computer. A processor is an integrated electronic circuit that performs the calculations. You can expect processors such as Intel Core i3 or AMD Ryzen 3 at this price range.


RAM is a random access memory. The overall performance of your computer is determined by how well your CPU and RAM work together. The more RAM your CPU has access to, the easier its job becomes, which enables a faster computer. At this price range, you can get up to 4GB of RAM.


Bigger the battery life you will be able to do your work for more time. The battery life of the laptop should be at least of 7hrs in this price range.


The weight of the laptop is important because it should be lightweight which makes it easy to carry. At this price range, you will get a laptop of weight around 1.5 kg or less.


Computer graphics are very important for a Laptop. You won't get a gaming laptop at this price range if you want a gaming laptop then I would suggest you go for a laptop above/under 30000 you get the average kind of graphics card at this price range such as Intel UHD 620 and AMD Radeon R2.

Operating System-

Technically an operating system is system software that manages computer hardware, and software resources, and provides common services for computer programs. There are too many Operating systems for computers such as DOS, Windows, Chrome OS, and Ubuntu but Windows 10 is the latest and Best for all types of Work.


Ports are important for the transfer of data from your laptop to other external devices. Ports are of different types such as USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI, Card readers, Audio, and Microphone jack. Most of the latest laptops have USB 3.0 ports which the latest.

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