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5 Best earbuds under 2000 with ANC in India (January 2024).

Updated: Jan 6

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), a remarkable technology, has become a standard feature in the world of headphones and earbuds. This cutting-edge technology is designed to mitigate or completely eliminate unwanted external noises, such as background chatter or droning machinery, by generating sound waves that are precisely the opposite (anti-phase) of the incoming sounds. Through this process of destructive interference, ANC creates an environment where listeners can indulge in their audio content with heightened clarity and minimized distractions from the surrounding world.

ANC technology is particularly invaluable when it comes to earbuds, as it offers users the opportunity to immerse themselves fully in their music, podcasts, or any audio of their choice, without being disrupted by external factors such as traffic, conversations, or the relentless hum of airplane engines. Premium ANC earbuds incorporate an array of microphones that continuously monitor the sounds in the environment and make real-time adjustments to counteract them, providing an effective and unparalleled noise-canceling experience. In this article, we will explore some of the best ANC earbuds available in India for under 2000, offering an insightful look into the world of immersive and distraction-free audio.

ENC vs ANC, what's the difference?

Don't get confused between ENC and ANC, these are two different technologies. ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) and ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) are two technologies designed to enhance audio quality by mitigating ambient sounds, employing distinct approaches. ENC prioritizes clarifying incoming audio by using microphones to detect and analyze environmental noise. It then generates an anti-noise signal, blending it with the audio output to eliminate undesirable background sounds. Commonly applied in communication devices like headphones and earphones, ENC improves voice calls and audio recordings in noisy settings.

In contrast, ANC represents a more sophisticated technology actively countering external noise by generating sound waves opposing the ambient noise's phase. ANC devices typically integrate microphones to identify incoming sound, and the embedded electronics produce anti-phase sound waves, effectively neutralizing unwanted noise before reaching the ears. Predominantly utilized in high-end headphones and earphones, ANC delivers an immersive audio experience by minimizing external disturbances. In essence, while ENC enhances the clarity of incoming audio, ANC actively nullifies external noise to elevate the overall audio experience.

List of best ANC Earbuds under 2000 in India:

1. Noise Air buds Pro 3

Noise Air buds Pro 3

This earbud set is a game-changer for audiophiles and multitaskers alike. With an astounding 45-hour playtime on a single charge, it's perfect for all-day use, ensuring you never miss a beat. The Quad Mic with ENC guarantees crystal-clear calls even in noisy environments, making it a communication essential. Its 13mm Driver delivers an immersive, high-quality sound that elevates your audio experience to new heights. The InstachargeTM feature is a lifesaver, offering an impressive 180-minute playtime with just a 10-minute charge, ensuring you're always connected. And for those seeking uninterrupted musical bliss, the Active Noise Cancellation, blocking out up to 30dB of distractions, lets you immerse yourself entirely in your music. This earbud set is a powerhouse, combining exceptional playtime, audio quality, and convenience into one sleek package.

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2. boAt Airdopes 393ANC

boAt Airdopes 393

The Airdopes 393ANC earbuds are a remarkable package of cutting-edge features. Their Hybrid ANC technology delivers an impressive 32 dB of Active Noise Cancellation, effectively blocking out unwanted background noise and allowing you to stay fully immersed in your world. What sets them apart is the ENx Environmental Noise Cancellation tech, ensuring crystal-clear voice calls, making sure your voice comes across flawlessly. These earbuds boast a substantial total playback time of up to 30 hours, comprising 7 hours per earbud and an additional 22 hours with the charging case (in non-ANC mode). Gamers will appreciate the low latency "BEAST Mode," ideal for immersive gaming experiences. The ASAP Charge feature is a lifesaver, providing 45 minutes of playtime with just a 5-minute charge. Additionally, the Ambient Mode keeps you aware of your surroundings while you groove to your playlists. And for fitness enthusiasts, the IPX5 water resistance ensures sweat won't be an issue. These earbuds are a versatile, high-tech companion for all your audio needs.

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3. Noise Buds VS104 Max

Noise Buds VS104 Max

The Active Noise Cancellation, offering up to 25 dB reduction, truly immerses you in a world of pure audio, where distractions fade away. With an astonishing up to 45-hour playtime, you can indulge in your favorite music and podcasts throughout the day, free from battery worries. The Quad mic with ENC guarantees crystal-clear calls and exceptional voice quality, ensuring your voice resonates loud and clear during phone conversations or virtual meetings. Instant charging with InstachargeTM (10 min charge = 180 min playtime) ensures you're never left without your music for long. Gamers will appreciate the low latency of up to 50ms, keeping audio and gameplay in perfect sync. Plus, the 13mm driver promises a premium audio experience that breathes life into your music. These earbuds are the epitome of audio excellence, combining cutting-edge technology with extended usage and superior sound quality.

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4. boAt Airdopes 141 ANC

boAt Airdopes 141

The Airdopes 141 ANC earbuds redefine your audio experience with an impressive set of features. With up to 32 dB of Active Noise Cancellation, they effortlessly whisk you away from the chaos of the outside world, delivering crystal-clear audio for your music and podcasts. Their extended playtime of up to 42 hours ensures you're entertained throughout the day, whether you're chatting with friends, enjoying your favorite movies, or grooving to your playlist. Gamers will appreciate the low latency of up to 50 ms in boAt's BEASTTM mode, synchronizing visuals and sound for an immersive winning experience. Featuring dual 10 mm drivers and boAt Signature Sound, these earbuds elevate your music sessions to new heights of enjoyment. The ENxTM technology-enabled quad microphones guarantee clear voice calls, even in bustling environments. Rapid ASAP Charging adds 150 minutes of performance with just a 10-minute charge, ensuring your entertainment remains uninterrupted. Plus, boAt's Insta Wake N’ PairTM technology lets you connect and disconnect effortlessly with a simple flip of the lid. These earbuds offer an all-encompassing audio adventure that caters to all your needs.

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5. CrossBeats Revolt

CrossBeats Revolt

The Crossbeats Revolt TWS earbuds are a game-changer with world-class noise-canceling capabilities, offering three modes - ANC On, ANC Off, and Ambient mode, allowing you to tailor your listening experience to your environment effortlessly. With an impressive six built-in microphones, Revolt ensures crystal-clear voice clarity and noise reduction, making it a must-have for working professionals seeking an exceptional calling experience even in bustling surroundings. What sets it apart is the lightning-fast charging with SnapChargeTM, providing an 8-hour playtime in just 10 minutes of charging. You can stay immersed in your music or podcasts for up to 48 hours on a single charge, thanks to the robust 380mAH battery. Plus, the EchoBlastTM Bass Units, equipped with 10mm titanium drivers coated with graphene, deliver benchmark audio output, offering a concert-like music experience with rich and immersive bass. The Crossbeats Revolt TWS earbuds are the epitome of customization, convenience, and audio excellence.

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Frequently asked questions:

Why choose TWS over other headphones?

Wireless headphones provide a notable advantage in terms of convenience. They liberate you from being physically tied to your audio source, enabling greater freedom of movement without the encumbrance of a connecting cable. This is particularly beneficial during activities such as exercising, commuting, or simply navigating your daily routine. It basically provides a lot of flexibility.

Which is the best earbud under 1500 in India?

Noise VS102 Pro is the best ANC earbud in India. Not only it has up to 25db noise cancellation but it also comes with an attractive design and comfort.


These ANC earbuds offer advanced technology, extended usage, and superior sound quality, catering to the diverse needs of users seeking an exceptional audio experience. Whether you're a music lover, a podcast enthusiast, a gamer, or a professional looking for top-notch call quality, there's an option for everyone on this list.

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